Top 100 Radiologist Bloggers

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If looking to start or advance a career in radiology, the competition can be stiff. With positions in x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, mammogram, and many more, the world of radiology can be confusing. To help, we have gathered the top 100 radiologist bloggers. Everyone from students to doctors weigh in on the subject.

Top Site Radiologist Bloggers

  1. Aunt Minnie : Webinars, communities, case of the day, and more are just a few of the reasons this radiology blog gets the top spot. They also have full news articles and a few in brief. Be sure not to miss the buyer’s guide or job boards.
  2. Imaging News : This site posts radiological news from across the web here. That includes CT scan, MRI, and PET scans.
  3. Diagnostic Imaging : This site gets radiological residents to write blogs. They include entries on education, certification, and more.
  4. Image Blogs : Several radiologists stop here to write blogs. Answers to many common and uncommon questions are featured.
  5. Advance Blogs : The site provides direction for various healthcare professionals, including radiologists. These blogs cover questions, advice, and opinions.
  6. Delusional Radiology : Although the main blogger doesn’t update very often, others step in to fill the void. Read them all or see how you can add your own thoughts.
  7. BMC Medical Imaging : BMC Medical Imaging is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in the development, evaluation, and use of imaging techniques. Find the latest articles, images, and more.

Top Individual Radiologist Bloggers

  1. Clinical Cases and Images : A former Cleveland Clinic assistant professor of medicine posts on radiologic cases. Health news and specialties are also featured.
  2. Radiology 101 : Harriette is a registered radiologic technologist and is teaching the next generation. Her blog is full of tips and education for radiology students.
  3. Sumer’s Radiology Site : Sethi is from India and is one of the world’s first radiology bloggers. He is the director of Teleradiology Providers and tells all about the field.
  4. The Radiology Portal : A 39 year veteran of radiology, CT Dave is the lead technician at a hospital in Ohio. His blog is a resource for all things radiology.
  5. Radiology Today : Jim Knaub is an expert in CT, EMR, MRI, and more. He also blogs for Medic Exchange on a variety of related topics.
  6. Topics in Radiography : Mister E hopes to be a resource for students and seasoned radiological techs in this blog. Imaging methods, patient care tips, and more are shared.
  7. Not Totally Rad : The Samurai Radiologist has been featured on Grand Rounds. See why by having a look at the blog.
  8. Scan Man : Vijay Sadasivam is a radiologist practicing in Salem, a city in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Opinions and expert advice are featured on his blog.
  9. Cochin Blogs : CB takes at least one radiologic image and blogs about it. The latest include fibroid of cervix and appendix.
  10. Indulge in the Fascinating World of Radiology : Dr. András Székely graduated at the University of Debrecen School of Medicine in Hungary. Although it has been a while since the last post, the blog is still worth a look.

Top Publication Radiologist Bloggers

  1. Applied Radiology : Stop for the journal, stay for all of the other resources for radiologists. They include a featured quiz, case, and even most read entries.
  2. Radiology : This monthly journal is devoted to clinical radiology and allied sciences. In addition to blog entries, there are also videos and podcasts.
  3. Journal of the American College of Radiology : Published by the American College of Radiology, this publication allows a free trial issue. Other highlights include a peek at features.
  4. Imaging Economics : In addition to getting a preview of the latest issue, you also get links to radiological news. Other resources include business, products, and a regulatory watch.
  5. Practical News : This online magazine can help you make the most of your radiological career. Current features include a strategic plan and 16 tips for improving your practice.
  6. Radiology Today : This publication offers a digital edition of the magazine with a simple click. You can also check out the cover stories, news, and more.
  7. Image : This magazine is intended for radiology and all imaging specialists. You can get a preview of the cover story and features with a simple click.
  8. MD Linx : If the above isn’t enough for you, click here. MD Linx gathers entries from across the web to one place and even has a special section for radiologists.

Top Radiologist News Bloggers

  1. Radiology News & Nuclear Medicine : Medical News Today is a leading health headline site and has a special section for radiologists. The blog has up to date news, popular articles, and a radiology forum.
  2. MedPage Today Radiology : Get just the headlines and links at this radiology blog. CME/CE news is also shared.
  3. ACR : The American College of Radiology keeps the latest headlines on their homepage. You can also learn more about a career and education in radiology.
  4. Radiology Professionals : The feature story greets you right from the homepage. It can be a Q & A with a professional, latest breakthrough, or other.
  5. Image Features : This leading site for radiologists has loads of features by experts. Latest topics include safety, research, and behavior.
  6. Radiology Articles : A history of radiology and 3D anatomy video are just some of the resources here. In addition to new imaging articles and advice, you can get much more.
  7. Medscape Radiology : Just the news for radiologists is gathered here. The site also has tons of other resources for medical professionals.
  8. Medical Imaging : Science Daily is a web site that is known for updating its headlines several times a day. Visit here to get just the ones for medical imaging.
  9. Radiology News : News on radiology is continually updated from thousands of sources around the net and are featured here. You can also get news on loads of other topics.
  10. Cardiovascular Ultrasound : Get the latest heart health headlines for radiologists here. You can even submit your own article for publication.

Top Radiologist Student Bloggers

  1. Mountain Imaging : Dustin is from Arizona where he pursues a career as an x-ray technician. His blog chronicles everything from his schoolwork to search for his first job. Be sure not to miss the “how it works” series.
  2. Why? : Mary is a mother and wife to two who is also an x-ray tech. She blogs on the job, television, art, and anything else she likes.
  3. Divergent Rays : WWC blogs about radiological education and a recent graduation.
  4. X-Rayted : John graduated in May 2009 from radiography school. He is now part of an outpatient imaging center and blogs about it.
  5. Radiologic Confidential : PF studied radiology in the Northwestern United States. He is also a musician in addition to x-ray tech.
  6. X Ray Student 101 : If contemplating a career in radiology, Dan’s blog is for you. The blog is short but features useful tips.
  7. RT Wannabe : RTW chronicles adventures in x-ray school. The latest post was on a conference for radiologists.
  8. Out of Focus : Get the diary of a student radiographer here. Lisa chronicles her experiences as a student from her first day until graduation.
  9. X-ray Rocks : This blogger leaves old jobs for new to survive in the cutthroat world of medicine. Poems and advice are shared.

Top Specialty Radiologist Bloggers

  1. Health Imaging : Images, information, and knowledge from across the spectrum of radiology are shared here. You can check out the top stories, webcasts, and more.
  2. Architecture for Radiology : This firm specializes in architecture for radiologic facilities. Read their thoughts on the blog.
  3. Breast Imaging News : Get mammography and related diagnostic breast imaging news, advances in breast imaging technology, and articles of interest to both healthcare professionals and patients here.
  4. Dalai’s PACS Blog : He is a radiologist from the South who shares thoughts on an aging PACS system. He often shares opinions on how to make it better.
  5. Cool MRI Stuff : Learn more about magnetic radiologic imaging on this blog. Posts are sparse but feature CT scans, technology, and more.
  6. Imagnenes Medicas : Visit here to get a radiological blog in Spanish. You can also click a flag to get it in your language.
  7. Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic MRI : Dr. Vic David shares knowledge for radiologists in his blog. Images, opinions, and more are shared.
  8. Sonographer’s Blog : Visit here for the ruminations and musings of a diagnostic medical sonographer. Gizz is from Houston and is board certified in OB/GYN, echocardiography, and vascular ultrasound.
  9. Stark Raving Med : A private practice medical professional offers an expert opinion on the healthcare debate. Posts are short but worth it.
  10. MRI Metal Detector : Get information on ferromagnetic detection and MRI safety and screening here. Categories include accreditation, imaging injury, and more.
  11. Radiation Oncology : See how radiologists deal with the illness of cancer here. Articles, research, and more are featured.

Top Instructive Radiologist Bloggers

  1. Rad Rounds : Get the Grand Rounds for radiologists here. They also feature a ton of useful links.
  2. Radiology Case Reports : Clicking here can help you learn more about loads of radiological cases using actual patients. It is published by the University of Washington.
  3. Radiography Review : Get questions of the day and quizzes for those learning radiology here. They also offer tips for positioning and other tests.
  4. MRI Links : Radiology and related images are featured on this blog. It is a site for techs to learn more about the anatomy of the human body.
  5. X-ray Stories : A radiologic technologist and clinical instructor discusses lessons learned and entertains ideas about the x-ray profession, x-ray images, and invites your thoughts.
  6. Rad Pod : Click here for a radiologist picture of the day. Although discontinued, the archives are still up and running.
  7. Rad Files : A blog features radiologic images followed by commentary. Also discontinued, but the images are worth a look.
  8. Ultrasound Sonogram : View ultrasound images of a pregnancy from the first week to the last here. They also have other tools for pregnant women.
  9. Yottalook : If the above isn’t enough for you, stop here. The site allows you to search a huge medical database for images of anything you can imagine.

Top Radiologist Heath Technical Bloggers

These bloggers focus on various aspects of technology in healthcare.

  1. HIS Talk : This blogger began writing in 2003 to show what was going on the healthcare IT industry. He blogs anonymously from Texas on the industry, vendors, and much more.
  2. The Healthcare IT Guy : Shahid is an internationally recognized enterprise software analyst that specializes in healthcare IT with an emphasis on e-health, EMRs, data integration, and legacy modernization. Check out his blog for various aspects of EMR, EHR, PHR, and other medical content.
  3. The Health Care Blog : Learn everything you wanted to know about the healthcare system but were afraid to ask here. Various bloggers weigh in with opinions and facts.
  4. Medgadget : Get the latest info on devices for radiologists and other healthcare professionals here. You can read most active, by ranking, and technical.
  5. Health Nex : Visit here for a group blog on healthcare IT from IBM. Topics include smarter care, biobanking, and many others.
  6. Health Blog : Similar to the above, this blog comes from Microsoft’s health senior director Dr. Bill Crounse. It is about how IT can improve healthcare around the world.
  7. Neil Versel’s Healthcare IT Blog : A healthcare journalist’s features his views on the major segment of the industry he covers. Latest topics are on media coverage and other sites.
  8. Healthcare Technology News : This blog covers a core, specific topic from health IT in the context of American healthcare reform to the potential of EMRs to improve communications between doctors and patients.
  9. Connecting for Health : This blog focuses on the future of healthcare IT. Recent entries are on the iPhone and iPad for professionals.

Top Radiologist Blogging Communities

  1. Radiolopolis : Stop here for an online community just for radiologists. Create a page, meet others, or get loads of other educational tools.
  2. Radiography Students : Visit here for a group of radiology students on Ning. The social network is intended for those interested in conversation and collaboration during their studies.
  3. Radiology Forums : This is the site where you can ask and answer all radiology questions that pop into your head. Categories include techniques, tips, quizzes, and much more.
  4. Rads Wiki : Over 1,500 articles on radiology have been written by people just like you. Click to read or add your own.
  5. Radiology Group : This is the group for radiologists on Yahoo. Check out the most recent messages and images with a visit.
  6. Imaging and Radiology Forum : Another tool from Advance, they connect radiologists worldwide. Choose from topics for students, molecular imaging, ultrasound, and more.
  7. The Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Medicine Podcast : Nuclear medicine and PET professionals should visit here. There are regular podcasts and blog entries just for you.
  8. Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences : If you are a teacher for radiologists, this is the site for you. Their goal is to increase networking for educators and instructors with information and support.
  9. Certification Board for Radiology Practitioner Assistants : Learn what these radiologists do by visiting here. They offer examinations, certifications, and more.

Top Radiologist Blogger’s Tools

  1. Learn Radiology : Get a medical dictionary just for radiologists here. In addition to A-Z words, you can also ask and see answers on many common radiology questions.
  2. Radiology Search Engine : Ever wish Google adjusted to your radiological needs? Then stop here for a search engine just for you.
  3. Radiopaedia : This radiological tool works very similarly to Wikipedia. Anyone can join and edit entries on their favorite radiological topic.
  4. Human Anatomy Online : Radiologists can visit here to check out the inner workings of the human body. Ten systems from skeletal to urinary are shown.
  5. Visible Body : Similar to the above, this site shows full interactive, 3D models of the human anatomy. Unlike the above, there is a small fee but they do allow a free demonstration.
  6. PubMed : This website is part of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and has millions of publications free for the reading. Choose from radiology or many other topics of your choice.
  7. CTisus : Learn everything you wanted to know about CT scans and more here. Choose from scanner protocols to learning modules and a host of other resources.
  8. Radiologic Technologists and Technicians : Need to more about what a radiologist does? Then visit this web page by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for answers to frequently asked questions.
  9. Image J : Visit here to get a download of imaging software. They also have news.

Top Radiologist Associations

  1. American Society of Radiologic Technologists : The ASRT provides the resources radiologic technologists need to improve patient care. They include a learning center, publications, and even a volunteer center.
  2. Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology : The JRCERT promotes excellence in education and enhances quality and safety of patient care through the accreditation of educational programs. Their site gives information on accredited programs.
  3. American Registry of Radiologic Technicians : The ARRT is a credentialing organization that seeks to ensure high quality patient care in radiologic technology. Learn more about certification and state licensing for radiologists with a visit.
  4. Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography : The homepage is full of news on the career. They also have more resources for diagnostic medical sonographers.
  5. Royal College of Radiologists : If you live in the United Kingdom, this association is for you. They offer radiologists publications, certifications, and more.
  6. European Society of Radiology : The ESR is for anyone on the continent who is a radiologist. They also have sections for research, publications, and more.
  7. Canada Association of Radiologists : Stop here to get the site in English or French. You can learn about accredited programs, meetings, and more.
  8. Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists : The RANZCR is dedicated to the advancement of radiologists. Everyone from students to professionals can find resources.
  9. International Society of Radiology : If you want to meet other radiologists from across the world, stop here. They have news, education, and even a virtual congress.